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AGILITY for Sales Channel Support

Drive more sales through your channels of distribution—instant access to data and knowledge help you provide the services and support required to drive more sales

Wholesalers, agent services, marketing, and others face mounting pressure to improve the performance of their distribution channels. This is directly linked to their ability to efficiently deliver support to producers, manage relationships and achieve greater operational efficiencies.

To establish and maintain those relationships, you need AGILITY from Navagate. AGILITY is ideal for sales channel support teams because it helps you understand your customer, deliver exceptional service and secure a greater share of your distributor’s business.


Solution Overview

AGILITY for Sales Channel Support focuses on providing proactive training and marketing support as well as reactive sales support, helping producers win and close new business. Your sales channel support team can market your products into the channel and help specific agents with large pending cases. Our solution enables your team to identify and focus on your most effective producers, while pinpointing weaker performers in need of additional training and support. Additionally, by supporting recruitment and onboarding processes, our solutions help maximize channel growth.

Navagate Sales Channel Support Solution provides your team with actionable, real-time data that will help facilitate increased sales, profitability and producer satisfaction:

Measure the impact of wholesaling activity on agent productivity
Reduce costs by streamlining business processes to handle increased wholesaling activity
Turn “cost” calls into “revenue” calls
Target wholesaling activity to high volume producers
Create an environment that support collaboration by providing valuable customer knowledge and a complete tracking of history
Deliver a sales tool that will truly facilitate the productivity of your Sales Channel Support Team
Provide a more effective delivery and management of marketing information and campaigns

AGILITY helps you achieve these goals by integrating and automating the most successful behaviors and best practices across the enterprise and decreasing the time spent accessing information. And because agents can be serviced by any member of the Sales Channel Support Team, instead of a single person, repetitive, administrative tasks are eliminated, increasing time spent on high yield activities and measuring results.

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