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Improve time-to-productivity of new recruits

Discover how Navagate helps managers deliver a structured approach to recruiting and onboarding, helping new advisors quickly reach productivity

Automating the process of recruiting and bringing on new advisors can have an exponential effect on organizational productivity and revenue growth. Across the financial services industry, most organizations turnover at least 15% of their employees every year. Not only does this equate to a tremendous lost cost around recruitment and training, but organizations are also effected by a high level of inconsistency across the organization as a result of lost staff.

Navagate’s Recruiting and Onboarding Solution enable new members of the sales force to hit the ground running by taking advantage of an automated set of workflows that support improved time-to-productivity, while freeing managers to focus on revenue generation.

Solution Overview

Navagate’s Recruiting and Onboarding Solution enables financial services companies to create greater efficiencies between managers and employees. The solution uses your unique workflows and best practices to create a proactive, high-impact recruiting and onboarding process.

Streamlined processes and enhanced visibility

Flexible and scaleable, our solution uses your unique rules and workflows to identify, manage and track recruits throughout a closed-loop cycle. With the ability to easily capture and aggregate data at each stage of the employment process, while implementing your best practices into our workflow management tool, you can fully automate time consuming administrative processes, making recruiting and onboarding new recruits more effective and less costly.

Improved time-to-productivity of new advisors

By automating the best practices of your most successful producers, new advisors are able to become productive more quickly. By capturing the most successful behaviors of your leading producers and transparently automating expertise to reduce inconsistencies in workflow, management and productivity, you create more time for your sales team to spend with clients or on high value activities.

Capabilities that support mentoring

As a collaborative tool, the solution provides views, automation, and activity plans designed to aid sales managers in mentoring new advisors. Automated activity requests and meeting notifications, which can be issued the moment that the new hire accepts the position, along with status tracking provide greater accountability, control, and support.

Manager Workstation: Recruiting and Onboarding SolutionManager Workstation: Recruiting and Onboarding Solution

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