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Orphan Marketing and Management Solution

Transforming orphan accounts into selling opportunities

Maintaining on-going relationships with customers is critical to your business success. Identifying and servicing orphaned accounts can be a challenging task that threatens customer service quality, increases costs and results in lost opportunity. By delivering tools that help simplify orphan distribution, while ensuring that clients are being serviced by qualified agents, you can quickly transform orphaned accounts into selling opportunities, ultimately building your business and driving revenue growth.

No more lost opportunity

Navagate Orphan Marketing and Management Solution enables growing firms to effectively aggregate, distribute and manage orphaned accounts. With a bundled set of capabilities, this targeted solution helps automate, standardize, and streamline the entire orphan re-assignment process. With the ability to be readily integrated with any CRM system, the Orphan Management Solution consists of the following three standalone modules:

Orphan Aggregation Services

Navagate Orphan Aggregation Services can accept orphan policies you identify or we can intelligently automate the identification of orphan accounts by analyzing your policy and agent relationship data.

Orphan Qualification and Distribution

Navagate Orphan Qualification and Distribution streamlines the process of orphan assignment and automates the notification process. With the ability to integrate into your existing CRM application, the Orphan Distribution module utilizes an intelligent, customizable rules platform to assign orphan accounts only to active, eligible agents and sends notification via email.

Distribution Management

Our Distribution Management solution for orphaned accounts offers complete management of your orphan account requirements. The module tracks each activity and interaction to ensure successful transitions of orphan accounts to new agents. Utilizing standard or custom scenarios, the module also defines and implements workflow rules for orphan assignment and distribution, sets escalation responses based on your criteria, and creates standard and custom reports to provide visibility into operations. This module requires installation of the Agility user interface.


Grow your company with valuable business benefits

Navagate Orphan Marketing and Management Solution provides you with the tools you need to identify opportunities with existing clients, optimize operations, and secure new growth:

Promote customer loyalty, reduce churn
Promote agent retention
Improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs

Orphan Marketing & Management DashboardOrphan Marketing & Management Dashboard

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