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Distribution Optimization for Wholesalers

Navagate Distribution Optimization Solutions solve the distribution challenges of financial services organizations in a way that is second to none. At Navagate, we have designed a complete Distribution Optimization solution with relentless focus on the unique challenges faced by financial services sales professionals, through both internal and external sales channels.

Navagate will enable your wholesale selling organization to analyze how your business connects people, processes, and technology to identify inefficiencies in your client advisory and sales processes. We will then deliver our unique Distribution Optimization Solutions to empower third-party distribution.

By integrating and automating successful enterprise business processes and reducing the amount of repetitive administrative tasks, more time is created in your wholesaler’s’ day for selling and customer service to maintain profitable, on-going relationships with your producers. As a result you are able to drive top line results and identify and foster profitable producer relationships, while reducing operational expenses.

For further details on our Distribution Optimization Solutions for Wholesalers, check out our Case Study for Wholesale Distribution.

Gain insight into your organization with our inexpensive Productivity Assessment. By providing an objective evaluation of your sales force, we guarantee to find opportunities to increase productivity in your organization.

Contact a Navagate associate to learn more about our Wholesale Solutions and how we have helped our current customers maximize sales >>