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Distribution Optimization

To drive revenue growth, companies must equip their sales teams with the knowledge and tools needed to identify, prioritize, and generate new opportunities. In the past, these goals were pursued through large-scale investment in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems.

While many functions of CRM were successful, SFA solutions often did not live up to expectations. Typical deployments were focused on generating reports for management, but not necessarily on improving selling ability.

What is Distribution Optimization?

Navagate studies success, automates processes, and integrates intelligence gathering into CRM and SFA to create leading-edge Distribution Optimization Solutions. The result is a custom-designed Knowledge Management System that captures the expertise of top sales performers.


Featured Benefits

Formalizes and automates the most productive work habits that drive individual productivity
Leverages data aggregation and client knowledge, building consistent conclusions and actions
Automated wrap-up workflows can automatically create trailing communications and set follow-up activities
Generates more face-to-face selling time

Focus Areas

Distribution Optimization Solutions provide a bundled set of capabilities target high-impact opportunities, including:

Orphan management
Day planning and meeting preparation
Advisor recruiting and onboarding
Mentoring and successor planning
Sales management

Distribution Optimization Cases

Navagate provides solutions for financial services companies that sell complex products through retail or wholesale channels. Learn more:

> Distribution Optimization Solutions for Retailers
> Distribution Optimization Solutions for Wholesalers

Navagate Business Solutions

Learn how Navagate delivers high-impact business solutions to help you drive productivity throughout your organization.

> Orphan Marketing and Management Solution
> Recruiting and Onboarding Solution
> Book of Business Marketing Solution

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