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Implementation Services

Navagate’s seasoned team of solution consultants brings a rich play book of proven, results-oriented implementation methodologies to ensure an efficient process, a successful completion, and a Distribution Optimization Solution optimized to the client’s current and future needs. We provide on-site assistance and training from Navagate experts who evaluate new and existing implementations, and provide key executives with a dashboard that tracks critical business metrics.

Implementation Services include:

User Requirements Analysis

Navagate works closely with clients to collect and analyze requirements, providing targeted solutions for improving agent productivity.

Customization Design

Following the user requirements analysis, Navagate designs customizations both through changes to configuration as well as custom features and capabilities developed on top of the base AGILITY™ application.

Application Configuration

Navagate reviews configuration options with clients to determine the most appropriate values and options to be developed.

Application Customization

Upon analysis of customer requirements and customization design, Navagate manages the custom development of unique, value added features to the AGILITY™ application using its low cost, off-shore development centers.

Training Development

Navagate offers standardized training that can be delivered to client trainers or directly to end users. We also develop customized training plans to address custom features created for a specific client application. The Navagate team designs deployment strategies to train users before roll-out.

Training Delivery

Navagate provides resources for on-site training, web-based training, user guides, and online resources.

On-going Training and Awareness

Navagate offers on-going training and refresher courses for new hires and to enhance the capabilities of current employees.

Project Management

Navagate’s best practice approach provides a dedicated project management team that is involved at every step of a client engagement.

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