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AGILITY: Policies™

Boost sales with multi-line visibility

Comprehensive policy tracking makes it easy to manage policies and drive new sales opportunities. With detailed reporting capabilities, AGILITY: Policies integrates data from legacy business applications to create comprehensive client records detailing policies and activities.

Policy Management

Prevent orphaned policies and ensure consistent servicing. Management can look at inactive policies—or other policies that may have not had activities against them—and take actions to reassign these policies to agents with the right skill sets for follow-up.

Powerful Reports

Powerful, dynamic, and actionable reporting allows for exceptional access to data and reduces dependency on IT.

Saved Search Reporting

Custom searches provide insight into specific, mission-critical issues. With the ability to save search queries, users can easily view information on sales, pipeline, top selling products, high revenue customers and more. If you measure it, you can report it—right on your dashboard.