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AGILITY: Marketing™

Profile your ideal targets. Heighten awareness with tailored campaigns. Track campaigns to drive more leads to close.

AGILITY: Marketing™ enables financial service professionals to embed marketing strategies into multichannel sales and service interactions--across lines of business--resulting in targeted offers based on individual needs, lifecycles, and real-time events. Automated workflows support a closed-loop approach, enabling teams to execute, manage, and analyze the results of multichannel campaigns.

Marketing executives can measure the ROI of their budgets, tie revenue back to specific marketing programs, and make adjustments in real time.

Campaign Management

Track and measure the impact of your marketing campaigns. Easily track campaign elements--including communications, events, activities--to assess effectiveness and track leads through the sales cycle.

Detailed Profiling and Targeting

Take advantage of powerful search tools to quickly and easily mine data and profile your ideal targets for campaigns. Searches can be saved and shared so other members of the sales force can query their contacts and execute their own campaigns.

Mass Email/Direct Marketing

Generate mail merge letters or email from your target list to help drive more business.

Email and Letter Templates

Drive more business with consistent, targeted messaging. Create templates for email, letters, and other communication within AGILITY to create consistent communications. dramatically reduce time for repetitive tasks, and enhance brand equity in the marketplace.