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A closed-loop lead management cycle

With a dynamic leads dashboard, AGILITY: Leads allows your sales force to make smarter business decisions while driving effectiveness. Automated workflows using pre-defined rules reduce the time required to qualify and assign leads while dashboard views allow management to view leads based on current status, track follow-up, and view statistics on closed sales.

Lead Management

Import batches of leads from marketing services and partners via the mass import tool. Upon import, users can make assignments, create notes and create activities. They can also: assign and distribute new leads to advisors or distribution partners based on user-defined criteria; track leads throughout company-specified sales milestones with full historical tracking; and monitor activity to ensure leads are being followed up on, and to measure effectiveness.

Dashboard Charts for Leads & Recruiting

Multiple role-based dashboard views include the ability to add new dashboards on the fly. The platform also enables users to click on graphed data to retrieve filtered lists of opportunities. Centralized data turns toggling among software programs and spreadsheets into a thing of the past.

Workflow and Rules Engine

Create rule-based workflows to route leads, generate activities, and send alerts and notifications. Configurable rules-based workflow create a consistent, streamlined approach to your sales cycle.

Property and time-based rules
Automatic alerts and notifications
Automatic activity generation