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AGILITY: Hierarchy™

Create flexible workflow defined by role

Agility: Hierarchy enables organizations to accurately model their structure and distribution chains to manage workflow and permissions for access controls, activity management, performance reporting, account tracking, agency management, and more. Using our hierarchical definition tools, organizations can define any number of hierarchical relationships — from a simple top-down organizational hierarchy to multiple overlapping relationships — typical of today's complex distribution chains.


Definition and enforcement of data access policies that address the following relationships:
Position within the hierarchy - mandatory access privileges based on position within the organization
Teammate/Peering relationships - discretionary privileges shared among teammates
Superordinate business roles which exist independent of organizational reporting structures

Recognition that different privileges may exist to different parts of a specific customer record:
Certain data may be secured from access by anyone except the most proximate and responsible members of the organization (e.g. SSN, birthdates, other personally sensitive information)

Recognition organizational structures changes and that people move in organizations:
Allows for periodic feeds of new organizational reporting relationships from corporate sources such as LDAP.

Recognition that organizational superiors may have legitimate needs to access data of their subordinates in structured and definable ways:
This includes both viewing the data controlled by a particular subordinate and create composite perspectives of data controlled by multiple subordinates.
Rollup reporting based on position within the hierarchy.