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Translate client knowledge into selling opportunities

Navagate Book of Business Marketing Solution helps formalize how your top producers develop opportunities and leverages client intelligence to drive cross and up selling.

Navagate Book of Business Marketing Solution helps your organization quickly and effectively identify opportunities to market to your existing book of business. And, by formalizing the practices used by your top producers, the solution enables you to maximize client engagements while ensuring that the highest value is attained from each opportunity.


Solution Overview

Navagate Book of Business Marketing Solution captures how your leading producers mine their book of business and the processes they follow to drive opportunities to close. By formalizing these processes into best practices, the solution automates the approach for ‘how’ the sales force engages clients. And, by translating client knowledge into intelligence that supports sales activities, the solution helps identify opportunities for cross and up selling to your existing book of business.

The solution’s advantage lies in its ability to increase the occurrence of customer engagements with existing clients while providing relevant cross-sell recommendations based on customer analysis. Leveraging life events to ‘trigger’ opportunities for conversation, companies are able to increase customer interactions and drive cross sell to the existing book of business.

Book of Business Marketing Solution helps companies introduce a closed-loop approach to the selling cycle. By enhancing management visibility into cross sell to the book of business, companies are better equipped to monitor agent activities, provide support, and focus on sales and marketing strategy. Automated feedback metrics let managers know which advisors are mining their book and to what effect.

Navagate Book of Business Marketing solution supports the creation of “best practice” strategies as to how to engage customers around life events. Make certain you never miss a buying opportunity window again. Book of Business Marketing Solution will ensure you will be there when your customers are ready to purchase.


Benefits to Your Business

Increases cross sell to the book of business through self-generated leads
Standardizes the approach of ‘how’ to engage the customer throughout the organization, resulting in higher close ratios
Enhances advisor productivity so more time is spent on client engagement
Provides management tools that support mentoring and agent development
Provides insight into what marketing campaigns have most impact and drive most lead to close
Mining the current book of business is less costly then developing new leads
Quick ROI

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