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Strategy Services

No two companies are exactly alike. That's why Navagate provides custom tools to create Distribution Optimization Solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific business environment. Our consulting and professional services expertise is the hard-earned product of many years’ experience developing custom solutions for the financial services industry. Navagate’s Strategy Services can be leveraged in any combination—and incorporated into third-party offerings—to maximize success.

Strategy Services include:

Custom & Rapid Application Development

Navagate provides complete solution implementation services, from design and development, quality assurance testing, and deployment through maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements. We offer ease of development with state-of-the-art deployment, delivering enterprise-class applications in less time, at reduced costs, and with exceptional quality.

Distribution Optimization Strategies and Consulting

The Navagate Professional Services team provides consulting and implementation support and services to financial services customers all over the globe. Our resident experts provide strategic guidance and hands-on expertise that improve the effectiveness of client distribution networks, achieve higher levels of advisor productivity, and drive top line results.

Business Intelligence

Navagate crafts level-headed business intelligence strategies that drive business growth and enable optimized operations.

Change Management

Enterprise-level implementation requires more than basic systems training. Navagate facilitates the institution of practices, tools, and techniques—including communication and deployment plans—to manage the transition and ensure buy-in from the entire organization.

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