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AGILITY: Householding™

Gain greater account visibility

AGILITY: Householding™ leverages existing client data to create unique households. Segment households by any criteria--including geographic region, preferences, and product purchases--to proactively identify opportunities for cross- and up-sell. Detailed customer information--including preferences, demographics, products, and other characteristics--can be queried to target specific segments for specialized campaigns and targeted marketing.

Enhanced Visibility

Powerful functionality provides visibility to household income, assets, net worth, and financial goals. Additionally, households can be segmented by geographic region, preferences, product purchases, or other criteria.

Generate and Display Household Information

All portfolio, activity, and general household information is accessible from one record. A single click takes agents to any other desired record, contact, investment, policy, etc. Use the combined portfolio information to provide better service and track portfolio performance for the Household.