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Experience the Next Generation of Sales Force Automation

The AGILITY™ Solution Suite simplifies and shortens the selling life cycle and optimizes sales force productivity by delivering a consolidated Sales Productivity and Knowledge Management Platform.

Explore the rich functionality of AGILITY through it’s modules and business solutions that help you tailor AGILITY to your unique business needs.

AGILITY Business Modules

Easily capture, manage, and assign prospects with AGILITY:Leads™. Automate the assignment of new leads to advisors or distribution partners based on any number of user-defined criteria. ...learn more

AGILITY: Marketing
Leverage your valuable information to drive more effective marketing campaigns. From list generation to email and direct marketing, you can create more targeted offers and drive more business....learn more

Access AGILITY from your PDA. Manage your calendar, access contact information, capture meeting outcomes, and rapidly locate policy and investment information for each client. ...learn more

AGILITY: Outlook
Easily send email, manage your schedule, and track contacts via Outlook to save time and improve workflow. ...learn more

AGILITY Market Modules

AGILITY: Policies
AGILITY: Policies integrates data from legacy business applications to build powerful profiles of client, producer, and BGA relationships....learn more

AGILITY: Investments
Manage detailed investment information for both individual portfolios and across client portfolios to provide better service, identify opportunities for cross- and up-sell, and track portfolio performance. ...learn more

AGILITY: Hierarchy
Accurately model your organizational structure and distribution chains to manage the specific policies for accessing customer-related data. Enable reporting of key performance metrics, such as commissions and revenue, for different distribution channels. ...learn more

AGILITY: Householding
Leverage existing client data to create unique households. Segment by any criteria--geographic region, preferences, product purchases--to proactively identify opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell or to target specific segments for specialized campaigns. ...learn more

AGILITY Business Solutions

Orphan Marketing and Management
Automate the identification, qualification and distribution of your orphaned accounts, create standardized “Best Practices” for how to engage, and manage engagement for mentoring opportunities....learn more

Recruiting and Onboarding
Automate recruitment strategies by formalizing your hiring process “Best Practices.” Eliminate or reduce manual interactions into a set of tasks/milestones that can be tracked and managed automatically....learn more

Lead Management
Track and seamlessly route qualified leads to the right people. Company-defined milestones track the lead through the sales cycle, creating a "closed-loop” lead management process.....learn more