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AGILITY™ — Enterprise Architecture

Flexible. Robust. Synchronized.

AGILITY: Enterprise Connect™

AGILITY: Enterprise Connect™ is a framework for bi-directional integration between AGILITY™ and other enterprise applications, providing an application programming interface (API) layer for a variety of integration methods, including file transfer, messaging, and direct database access.

AGILITY: Enterprise Studio™

AGILITY: Enterprise Studio™ is the integrated development environment (IDE) for administration, customization, and development using the AGILITY™ framework. System administrators can customize forms and presentation elements, create and manage system rules, schedule time-based processes, and manage custom content.

AGILITY: Enterprise Synch™

AGILITY: Enterprise Synch™ is a general purpose software engine that supports synchronization of data between AGILITY™ and popular personal information management (PIM) tools. Users register for the data that they want to keep synchronized between AGILITY™ and their PIM tool (e.g., Outlook or Notes/Domino). AGILITY: Enterprise Sync™ automatically generates updates for the target system when the source system is updated. Synchronization can be either one-way or bi-directional.

AGILITY: Enterprise Synch™ utilizes the mobile industry standard SyncML protocol and currently supports synchronization between AGILITY™ and MS Outlook or Notes/Domino for calendar appointments and tasks.

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