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How it's Different

Not your traditional Sales Force Automation solution

The AGILITY™ Solution Suite simplifies and shortens the selling life cycle by delivering a consolidated knowledge management and point-of-sale platform. Unlike other Sales Force Automation applications, AGILITY™ focuses on execution by institutionalizing your "best practices" in order to manage distractions, prioritize, track and manage activities through to completion, and improve close rates.

Formalize the most productive behaviors of your best sales people

AGILITY helps formalize and automate the high impact processes, work habits, and behaviors that drive the success of your sales force. By leveraging data aggregation with a complete understanding of how your top sales people work, AGILITY automates high impact processes to support the creation of consistent approaches across the organization. By streamlining key business processes, AGILITY creates more selling opportunities. And because the solution uses your rule sets to prioritize activities and create meaningful recommendations, you can be sure you are spending your time on the right opportunities.


With a focus on continuous performance improvement, interconnected straight-through workflows support more effective interactions, fostering enhanced productivity and giving time back to advisors and managers to spend with clients and on high value strategic initiatives.


AGILITY™ outstrips the competition on all key fronts:

Accelerates agent recruitment, training, and assessment
Promotes orphan retention and on-going customer loyalty
Enables a holistic, 360° client view at every customer touchpoint
Integrates customer and household data with line of business financial products and customer portfolios
Leverages proven selling methodologies to increase face time with clients, improve sales conversion rates, and promote predictable revenue growth

And of course, AGILITY™ provides all the benefits of traditional Sales Force Automation:

Marketing Management
Lead Management
Reports Generation

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