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for financial services


Wholesalers face mounting pressure to improve the performance of their distribution channels. This is directly linked to their ability to efficiently deliver support to producers, manage relationships and achieve greater operational efficiencies. These objectives can only be achieved if the Internal Sales Desk and External Field Consultants are working as a team to proactively and reactively support Producers.


Navagate strategies for wholesale distribution focus on providing proactive training and marketing support as well as reactive sales support to help Producers win and close new business. Our solutions allow your team to identify and focus on your most effective Producers, while pinpointing weaker performers in need of additional training and support. By supporting recruitment and on-boarding processes, our solutions enable you to maximize channel growth.

Navagate Distribution Optimization Solutions support these goals by analyzing, institutionalizing, and transparently automating the successful sales, management and support processes of your leading advisors. By integrating and automating the most successful behaviors across the enterprise and creating recommendations for next best actions, repetitive administrative tasks are eliminated and more time is created in the wholesaler’s day to spend on high yield activities.


With Navagate Distribution Optimization Solutions, the Internal Sales Desk is empowered with the ability to create a closed loop approach to support and to maintain profitable, on-going relationships. The transparent automation of expert knowledge allows External Field Consultants to strategically plan how to manage their day and tactically prioritize activities. As a result, companies achieve greater efficiencies, enhance productivity, and drive top line results, while reducing operational expenses.

By formalizing expert knowledge and automating successful workflows, the Internal wholesaler is empowered with the ability to efficiently schedule meetings for external wholesalers, send alerts, push communications, schedule next best steps, and prioritize activities, all resulting in a closed loop support process.
With the ability to directly correlate actions with results, companies can easily identify and capture the behaviors of their top performers and push these practices to the rest of the distribution team.
Production Dashboards identify your top producers on a daily basis, ensuring External Field Consultants are completing assigned activities and are achieving optimal levels of productivity.
Reporting of performance levels allows for more time to be spent with high yield producers and identifies weak performers in need of training and additional support.
Wholesaler Activity Reporting and Producer Production/Sales Reporting enable organizations to determine which activities result in increased sales.
Achieve greater efficiencies in recruitment and on-boarding by automating the sequence of tasks and follow-up activities.
Follow the production of recently recruited Producers during the on-boarding process to determine any corrective actions.
Through better coordination between Internal Sales Desk and External Field Consultants, greater support is achieved and additional sales opportunities are realized.

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