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Enhance Sales Efficiency and Productivity with an Integrated Wealth Management Platform


The wealth management industry has been hampered by complex, inefficient and expensive technology. Relationship managers, advisors and their support staff must generally deal with a confusing collection of software with numerous user interfaces, resulting in significant inefficiencies and wasted time. These inefficiencies along with a fundamental lack of integration mean that day-to-day business operations and sales are not reaching their most productive levels. Additionally, there often is no consistency to how advisors prepare for customer meetings and manage their day.


Navagate’s strategy focuses on getting your sales organization away from the computer and out where they belong – with customers. SALES WORKBENCH is an Integrated Wealth Management Platform that seamlessly incorporates all of the selling tools used by wealth managers and financial advisors into a personalized, single sign-on location. SALES WORKBENCH maximizes selling opportunities by providing advisors with tools to more effectively prepare for customer meetings, recommend next best steps, provide better information and improve productivity.


Industry leaders have implemented SALES WORKBENCH to maximize sales productivity and performance. By supporting the adoption of consistent sales processes, Sales Workbench enables financial advisors, to better leverage their clients’ profile and portfolio information to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, improve customer retention and increase wallet share.

Creation and enforcement of consistent sales processes that increase advisor productivity by capturing the successful behaviors of your top advisors and pushing these practices to the rest of the organization.
Integration across systems and automation of meeting preparation and report generation mean advisors spend less time gathering information and more time in with clients.
By providing both guided and direct access to needs and product-based tools, producers are empowered by the efficiency achieved by utilizing consistent, repeatable processes. For example, SALES WORKBENCH seamlessly guides advisors meeting with new prospects through their selling process, from needs analysis, financial planning and product selection, to proposal, illustration and eform submission.

By offering compelling industry-specific enhancements and automated business processes to improve sales effectiveness, SALES WORKBENCH enables advisors to better attract and retain customers and increase revenues, while maximizing return on investment.

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