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for financial services


Financial Services companies selling directly to clients are under pressure to increase revenue, expand the retail channel, and enhance overall advisor effectiveness. With industry turnover further inhibiting performance, the speed at which new advisors can be trained and brought up to productive levels can have an immediate impact on revenue growth and profitability.

Companies with retail distribution need to satisfy customers who require up-to-date, highly competitive products and superior service and producers who need better, more productive ways of doing business and more time in their day to spend with clients.


The ultimate objective is to maximize producer productivity so advisors can get out from behind their computer and back in front of customers – where they belong. By helping to prioritize new opportunities, provide a consistent approach to selling and support, and increase the amount of time advisors have in their day to meet with clients, while ensuring each client engagement is more productive, companies will maximize sales success. With the ability to support team selling and the mentoring of new advisors, companies are able to ensure that every producer reaches their most productive levels and that no opportunities are lost.

Designed to improve financial services distribution, Navagate Distribution Optimization Solutions analyze, institutionalize, and transparently automate the most successful behaviors of your top performers. By integrating these consistent, repeatable workflows across the enterprise, selling inefficiencies and repetitive administrative tasks are eliminated, leaving more time to spend with clients. Our solutions target key areas of inefficiency including recruiting, training, meeting planning, sales and support processes, and activity prioritization.


Leading companies have found success with Navagate Distribution Optimization Solutions. By facilitating cooperation between Home Office and Producers, our solutions support the adoption of consistent sales processes, empowering organizations to increase individual selling time, better identify and prioritize opportunities and increase wallet share. Our solutions have proven results:

Automated workflows identify, prioritize and manage new sales opportunities while automated suggestions allow producers to become more strategic and consistent in their sales and marketing processes.
Integration with legacy applications provides a complete view of all client products and holdings, enabling more effective book of business marketing.
By offering automated reminders and customized form letters, producers are able to communicate in more meaningful dialogue with clients, enhancing up- and cross-sell to the book of business.
By institutionalizing the behaviors of your top performers, producers achieve greater productivity, have more time for client interactions, and have more effective, targeted, and relevant discussions with clients. As a result, sales are brought to conclusion more quickly.
Analytical tools recommend targeted, product suggestions most likely to be purchased by a client.
Managers can more effectively manage and mentor individual producers to exert more influence on achieving company targets.
Customized processes for producer recruiting and on-boarding ensure each advisor is receiving the support they need to reach maximum productivity.
More effectively assign orphans to qualified Advisors and ensure those Advisors are following up on a timely basis, increasing revenue from clients who had lost their point of contact and ensuring no valuable opportunities are lost.
Team Selling and Succession Planning are supported through security features like hierarchy support and granting access (i.e., permissioning) to enable Advisors to work together on an opportunity.

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