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Create consistent performance. Drive productivity. Maximize customer interactions.

Navagate guides the way with AGILITY™—a next-generation Sales Force Automation (SFA) platform developed with a specific focus on improving financial services distribution. Whether through retail or wholesale channels, AGILITY enables growing firms to manage multiple lines of business and a large number of clients, while helping financial services professionals maximize their productivity and performance.

AGILITY focuses on getting your sales organization away from the computer and out where they belong—with customers. By leveraging and formalizing the most productive behaviors of your company’s leading managers and agents, AGILITY helps create consistent and repeatable sales processes.

By providing a consistent approach to selling processes, AGILITY helps reduce time spent preparing for client engagements, identifies up- and cross-sell opportunities, and assists in building and maintaining strong client relationships that drive more business.

In addition to traditional CRM and SFA functionality, AGILITY also includes capabilities that support management of Recruiting and Onboarding, Orphan Marketing and Management, Book-of-Business Marketing, and more.

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