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Navagate Transforms Financial Services Distribution; Unveils New Website in Support of Strategic Initiatives

NEW YORK, March 17, 2009 ─ Navagate, a premier global provider of enterprise class Distribution Optimization solutions for financial services companies, today announced the launch of its new website The website highlights the company’s Distribution Optimization initiatives. These strategic solutions help financial services companies formalize the most productive behaviors of their most successful sales people to improve individual effectiveness, organizational productivity, and revenue generation.

Navagate’s results-oriented solutions eliminate time-consuming, manual workflows and focus on increasing the amount of time producers are able to spend with customers; more face time equals more sales. The company’s unique solutions go beyond data aggregation and analysis capabilities found in traditional CRM and SFA applications. Designed to meet the typical business challenges in financial services distribution, Navagate has developed the only solution that captures productive behaviors and expert knowledge which, in turn, generate automated conclusions, suggestions and workflows. These unique capabilities allow sales teams to spend more time selling, shorten sales cycles, better serve their customers, and increase revenues by optimizing sales processes via repeatable, consistent behaviors.

“Navagate has fundamentally changed the way financial services companies look at achieving new revenue growth. We focus on improving behavior,” said Wayne Kaplan, President, Navagate. “This is not a technology issue. If companies do not take the time to capture expert knowledge, they will always struggle to sell more. By working with clients to capture and formalize the most effective practices of their most successful producers, Navagate helps companies create consistent conclusions that influence and drive behavior. Now, for the first time, everyone throughout the organization will have the same shared perspective on how to move the client forward.”

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About Navagate

Navagate Inc. is a premier provider of next generation Sales Force Automation Solutions for financial services companies that sell complex products through retail or wholesale channels. The Company’s solutions standardize productive, yet informal work habits and leverage technology to automate time consuming sales processes that inhibit face-to-face selling time. Through a combination of technologies, applications and experiences, we increase selling time 25-40% across the distribution organization, driving better cross-sell and new customer acquisition. Navagate has headquarters in New York, with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.