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At Navagate, we understand the importance of risk mitigation in an overall corporate strategy. That’s why we partner with closely with leading organizations that deliver complimentary technology and value-added services around the AGILITY™ Suite and other Navagate Solutions.


Navagate is proud to be a partner in the Sun Partner Advantage Program for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). The program is designed to make it easier for ISVs to get the resources they need to go to market faster on the Solaris 10 OS, link with Sun’s Marketing, extend their sales reach, harness the expertise and connections of Sun's partner ecosystem, and help grow their business. The Program helps create an increased level of collaboration among Sun and its ecosystem of technology partners.


Together, UniRisX and Navagate provide customers with streamlined "Prospect to Policy" lifecycle processing. UniRisX enables organizations to rapidly create, launch, and manage innovative products that are specifically tailored to meet customer needs. By partnering with Navagate, clients will be able to implement lifecycle processing that originates with book of business marketing and demand generation, and continues through campaign creation, lead distribution, customer engagement, quoting, pricing, proposal generation and negotiation, policy acceptance, and issuance.


Navagate partnership with Pentaho, the world's leading and most widely deployed commercial open source BI suite, has led to the creation of AGILITY: Business Intelligence™ (ABI). ABI incorporates AGILITY™ Reports, Charting, and Analytics (powered by Pentaho). By partnering with Pentaho, Navagate is able to integrate embedded dashboards that provide a range of graphical indicators against key performance indicators, production volumes, and business trends, along with powerful ad hoc components that allow users to easily construct new analyses.


Navagate also has teamed with Brainshark, the leader in on-demand presentations. Delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Brainshark lets audiences access and engage with business content when and how they want. By seamlessly integrating AGILITY™ with on-demand, high impact communications created using Brainshark, AGILITY™ users are able select, personalize, and send rich-media presentations to the people who most influence their business. Reporting and alerts capabilities allow for an effective, closed loop approach to the marketing process. To learn more, visit