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Recruiting and Onboarding Solutions Improve Time-to-Productivity and Reduce Costs

NEW YORK — July 14, 2009 — Navagate, a premier global provider of enterprise class Distribution Optimization solutions for financial services companies, today announced the release of its Recruiting and Onboarding Solutions. Navagate’s solution for automating recruiting and onboarding processes provides sales managers with a streamlined approach for quickly hiring the most qualified candidates and enabling them to become productive faster.

In the financial services industry, a staggering percentage of advisors exit their posts every year, leaving companies struggling with ongoing transition, stagnant growth, and high costs in recruiting, training, and lost opportunity. Research has shown that the cost for companies to lose one employee in the first year is approximately four times their annual salary.

Wayne Kaplan, President, Navagate believes that a comprehensive and formalized recruiting and onboarding solution can make the difference in companies that want to reduce the burden on managers while implementing consistent approaches and improving time-to-productivity and retention of new hires.

"Today, companies need to make the most of their expense associated with continuously recruiting, training and losing top talent, from both a financial and performance perspective,” said Kaplan. “Our Recruiting and Onboarding Solutions enable new hires to quickly become productive employees by providing a foundation that supports knowledge sharing, mentoring, efficiency, and effectiveness.”

These solutions provide an automated set of workflows and real-time views that can be uniquely tailored to meet the specific business needs of our clients.

"By isolating high impact opportunities with which to supplement automation, companies can realize tremendous productivity improvements,” said Kaplan. “Managers spending time qualifying candidates, scheduling interviews and conducting follow ups, for example, have far less time to spend on revenue-generating business initiatives. By employing automation, you can broadly influence how much time is available to spend on high value activities — such as selling.”

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About Navagate

Navagate is a provider of next generation Sales Force Automation Solutions for financial services companies that sell products through retail or wholesale channels. The Company’s solutions standardize work habits and leverage technology to automate time consuming processes that inhibit face-to-face selling time. Through a combination of technologies, applications and experiences, we increase selling time 25-40% across the organization, driving better cross-sell and new customer acquisition. Navagate has headquarters in New York, with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.


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