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Orphan Discovery Solution Streamlines Orphan Distribution and Management

Navagate’s Newest Solution for Financial Services Companies

NEW YORK — May 19, 2009 — Navagate, a premier global provider of enterprise class Distribution Optimization solutions for financial services companies, today announced the release of its Orphan Discovery Solution whose functions enable growing firms to effectively aggregate and distribute orphaned accounts. In an industry where un-serviced orphaned accounts are prevalent, Orphan Discovery Solution employs a bundled set of capabilities to help automate, standardize, and streamline the orphan re-assignment and management process.

"Maintaining on-going relationships with customers is critical to business success," said Wayne Kaplan, President, Navagate. "By improving operational efficiencies utilizing custom workflows and transparent automation, Navagate’s Orphan Discovery Solution equips financial services organizations with the tools they need to simplify orphan distribution, quickly transforming orphaned accounts into selling opportunities, building new business, and driving revenue growth."

By delivering tools that effectively assign orphan accounts to qualified agents using a single integrated system, Orphan Discovery Solution helps companies promote new business, better service and maintain existing clients, promote agent retention, and grow the business. With the ability to be readily integrated with any CRM system, the Orphan Discovery Solution consists of the following three standalone modules:

Orphan Aggregation Services: Automates the identification of orphan accounts by analyzing policy and agent relationship data
Orphan Assignment and Notification: Utilizing an intelligent, customizable rules platform to assign orphan accounts to active, eligible agents, the module streamlines the process of account assignment and sends automated notification.
Comprehensive Orphan Management: Offers complete management of your account requirements, from implementation of custom workflow rules for orphan assignment and distribution to activity tracking and reporting.

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About Navagate

Navagate Inc. is a premier provider of next generation Sales Force Automation Solutions for financial services companies that sell complex products through retail or wholesale channels. The Company’s solutions standardize productive, yet informal work habits and leverage technology to automate time consuming sales processes that inhibit face-to-face selling time. Through a combination of technologies, applications and experiences, we increase selling time 25-40% across the distribution organization, driving better cross-sell and new customer acquisition. Navagate has headquarters in New York, with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.