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Navagate Introduces Groundbreaking Opportunity Management, Workflow, Charting, and Reporting Capabilities in Latest Release of AGILITY

NEW YORK — August 17, 2009— Navagate today announced the release of version 3.0 of its AGILITY sales force automation solution for financial services. AGILITY v3.0 includes new enhanced business automation and workflow management features such as real-time dashboard charting, robust reporting solutions, and collaborative selling tools. These added competencies further expand the ability of AGILITY to empower managers while driving greater advisor productivity, making it easier for users to prioritize tasks and activities, shorten sales cycles and better serve their customers.

AGILITY is a unique solution that goes beyond the conventional functionality offered by traditional sales force automation. It provides a powerful foundation for capturing the best practices that drive a company’s most successful advisors, and—through intelligent automation—driving expertise to the entire sales team.

"As financial services firms face competitive pressures, they need effective and easy-to-use tools that enable every advisor to reach their highest level of performance to win deals," said Wayne Kaplan, President of Navagate. "AGILITY equips advisors and managers with applied workflow automation, charting, and reporting targeted for distribution to drive productivity throughout the entire organization and accelerate growth."

New capabilities available with today's v3.0 release include:

Analytical, Real-Time Dashboard Charting
AGILITY offers dashboard charting capabilities that provide the ability to quickly and easily access real-time information about opportunities, activities, and accounts through a sophisticated and dynamic graphical format. The robust workspace clearly communicates business objectives throughout the organization and helps managers manage the pipeline and prioritize opportunities to drive immediate and informed decision making.

Automated Workflows Capture Successful Behavior
Companies are able to automate desired behaviors through high impact workflows directly tied to eliminating productivity constraints—especially in critical areas such as management of sales, activities, leads and orphans, recruiting and onboarding. With the ability to quickly configure the system to automate the customer’s best practices, AGILITY creates more time for client engagement.

Team Selling and Mentoring
AGILITY has added team selling functionality that allow sales teams to collaborate—on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities—in a completely integrated environment. Access to customer and sales lead data can be assigned and limited to authorized team members.

Adhoc Reporting
AGILITY Reporting Wizard provides users with a robust workspace to create and act on pending, scheduled, and completed reports. Enhanced scheduling capabilities allow users to schedule single usage or recurring reports. With broad reporting capabilities and an innovative report designer, companies now have full control of their data and its presentation.

Lead Management
AGILITY v3.0 offers new lead management capabilities, enabling users to proactively manage leads— through alerts, notifications, and real time views—through the sales pipeline. Closed-loop lead management enables companies to measure the efficacy and return on investment of marketing efforts throughout the sales cycle.

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Navagate is a provider of next generation Sales Force Automation Solutions for financial services companies that sell products through retail or wholesale channels. The Company’s solutions standardize work habits and leverage technology to automate time consuming processes that inhibit face-to-face selling time. Through a combination of technologies, applications and experiences, we increase selling time 25-40% across the organization, driving better cross-sell and new customer acquisition. Navagate has headquarters in New York, with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.