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Navagate’s AGILITY Solution Receives High Marks in Novarica's Vendor Solution Review

New York, NY – June 7, 2010 – Navagate, a leading provider of enterprise class Distribution Optimization solutions for insurance companies, today announced the company’s Sales Force Automation and CRM solution has been profiled in the recent “Vendor Solution Review” (VSR) report from Novarica. In addition to a review of AGILITY’s functionality and technology, the report praises AGILITY’s strength in integrating enterprise data and systems and highlights the company’s recent record of successful deployments.

The Novarica VSR is an in-depth 12-page review of AGILITY based on detailed RFI responses, review of documents, directed demos, Navagate client interviews, and the expert opinion of Novarica’s principals. A copy of the report can be downloaded at:

The report demonstrates that the AGILITY solution is well suited for carriers implementing a best-of-breed approach, as well as those interested in a suite given the availability of companion solutions for orphan management, recruiting and onboarding, and other common business challenges.

AGILITY was also recognized for its intuitive user interface (UI), ease of use, and “progressive application architecture” that provide configurable and modifiable options and enable companies to meet today’s goals and quickly adapt to future demands.

“Navagate AGILITY is a modern, full-featured sales force automation and CRM platform. The platform is relatively new in a crowded marketplace and it provides insurers a highly competitive, flexible, and desirable solution." notes Don, Insurance Principal of Novarica and lead researcher on the Vendor Solution Review project.

While complimenting the company’s “strong technical and business domain knowledge,” the report commends the company’s inventory of successful deployments and satisfied customers.

“We are pleased to receive Novarica’s positive review of AGILITY,” said Wayne Kaplan, president, Navagate. “Navagate is extremely gratified to have received such high accolades from our valued customers. Receiving praise from our customers through an independent firm such as Novarica validates our team’s expertise and hard work and the strength of AGILITY.”

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Navagate, Inc. is a premier provider of enterprise-class Distribution Optimization Solutions—next-generation field sales marketing and automation products for Insurance companies, worldwide. Whether for life or non-life, direct or indirect distribution, agency or wholesale models, Navagate solutions standardize productive, yet informal work habits and automate time consuming inter-departmental sales processes that inhibit face-to-face selling time, increasing organizational productivity and effectiveness. Navagate has offices in the United States, Hong Kong, Belarus, and India. For additional information, visit

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