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About Us

NAVAGATE, Inc. is a premier provider of enterprise-class Distribution Optimization Solutions and next-generation CRM and SFA products for financial services organizations. Whether for retail or wholesale environments, our solutions standardize productive, yet informal work habits and automate time consuming inter-departmental sales processes that inhibit face-to-face selling time, increasing organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Navagate’s AGILITY™ Solution Suite automates the identification, acquisition and management of customers while integrating complex marketplace-wide sales processes, all done without having to re-engineer proven, long-standing business workflows. Our solutions provide tangible benefits that standardize organizational approach for how advisors engage, develop and manage opportunities, improving marketing effectiveness, increasing face time with clients, increasing sales win rates, growing customer share and automating key reporting, distribution, selling and marketing processes.

Built with industry-standard open technologies, Navagate solutions are highly cost effective and can be rapidly deployed. Our solutions deliver on the promise of integration by easily linking to everything from desktop tools to enterprise applications, providing a holistic view of the customer relationship and consolidating front office and back office information for complete and real-time enterprise-wide visibility.

Navagate’s proven solutions address the needs of the entire financial services industry – from home office, third-party distributors and wholesalers, to investment advisors, brokers and insurance agents. Navagate provides the industry experience, products and services you need to drive productivity, lower operating costs and drive top-line growth... quickly, affordably, and easily.

Headquartered in New York, Navagate has offices throughout the United States with international offices in Hong Kong, Belarus, and India.